White Primed Architraves, Dressed Boards & Window Reveals

  • Radiata Pine substrate for clear, defect free finish
  • Finger Jointed and kiln dried to create a straight and stable moulding
  • Pre-primed with a white Priming system that involves two seperate applications which are sanded between coats. This creates a finish that is both flexible and durable and prepared for Top Coats
  • Available in 5.4 metre Lengths
  • Window Reveals available in 5.6 metre lengths
  • Product is lightweight and hard wearing
  • Drilled, cut and nailed like other internal fixout mouldings


  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 42x18mm
    • 66x18mm
    • 90x18mm
    • 138x18mm
      • In the following profiles:
        • Dressed All Round
        • Half Splayed (33mm Splay)
        • Colonial
        • Pencil Round
        • Bullnose

Window Reveals

  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 90x18mm
    • 100x18mm
    • 110x18mm
    • 116x18mm
    • 138x18mm
    • 163x18mm